How do I take care of my product?

How do I take care of my product?

We make out jewellery with a lot of love and care. It is important to take care of your jewellery so that it retains its shine for a long time. Our jewellery is coated with rhodium which protects it from tarnishing or turning black and ensures long-lasting brilliance
Given below are a few caring tips to ensure proper care of your jewelelry:
  • Store in a Plastic zip lock bag if not in use for an extended amount of time
  • Keep away from Perfumes, Soaps, Extreme temperatures,s or anything acidic
  • Keep safe from impact: Like all jewellery, our jewellery is a delicate creation and any physical impact can result in damaging/breaking the jewellery so please keep it safe from impact and do not pull or use any tools on the jewellery
  • Re-polishing: We hope that you do not need to re-polish your jewellery. But in case you do, please contact us or your local jeweler and get it re-polished

Will my jewellery look the same as shown in the website images?

We take utmost care to ensure the images on our website are representative of how our jewellery looks. However, some designs may look slightly different on account of lighting. In case your feel your jewellery doesn't match its image, please let us know at

Is Whyte Jewellery made of Pure Silver?

Our jewellery is made of 925 Silver which is the purest form of jewellery grade silver used to make jewellery worldwide. Every piece of jewellery comes with a 925 stamp and an authenticity certificate, so you can be assured that you're buying a high-quality product

I am not sure about what size I should choose?

We understand that sizing is a major issue when it comes to online jewellery, so we've made this easy for you:
  • All our rings are adjustable ensuring they fit comfortably on your or your loved one's fingers
  • All our toe rings and rings are adjustable, which means sizing won't be an issue
  • All chain-type bracelets come with extenders which you can adjust according to elbow arm size
  • Hard bracelets are either adjustable or come in a standard size
  • Furthermore, all our pendants, chains, and necklaces have the size information mentioned on the product page as well as product images
We also add model images for every design, which should help you understand sizing better

Is there any Warranty on plating?

Our jewellery comes with a limited 6-month standard + 12 months plating warranty which covers any plating or manufacturing-related issues